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Development of a metal-module for ART

As a "higher tier" assessment tool for occupational exposure (inhalation route only), ART (Advanced REACH Tool) offers the possibility to derive exposure estimates based on a broad set of exposure determinants. It goes beyond the scope of so-called “first tier” exposure assessment tools by not only providing a detailed mechanistic model from which exposure estimates can be derived including confidence intervals, but also offers the possibility to refine exposure estimates with measured data in a Bayesian module.

The mechanistic model was originally developed to predict exposure levels of dusts (at ambient temperature) and vapours (temperature-dependent). The current efforts aim at extending the scope of the model to a wide range of metallurgical processes including hot processes so that exposure to fumes can also be assessed.

ART is currently only calibrated to assess exposure to inhalable dust, vapours, and mists. However, for lack of suitable calibration data, ART cannot (for the time being) be used for the assessment of fumes, fibres, gases, and dust resulting from emissions during hot metallurgical processes.

The ART consortium currently consists of the following institutions:

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