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Task force/consortia management

Forming a task forces or consortia for the purpose of EU approval of an active substance can save costs and facilitate the entire regulatory process. Our service includes scientific, administrative and legal support of founding members as well as acquisition of potentially new members. Confidentiality with respect to sensitive information is ensured as a matter of course.

Scientific support for approval of a biocidal active substance:

  • Evaluation of technical equivalence
  • Preparation of complete biocidal dossiers
  • Coordination and monitoring of studies
  • Submission of the dossier to the Rapporteur Member State
  • Updating of submitted dossiers
  • Administrative support of task forces and consortia:

  • Centralised communication within a consortium/task force
  • Coordination of data sharing
  • Financial management of joint submission and jointly generated dossiers
  • Management of letters of access (communication with interested parties, distribution of documents, tracing of payments, etc.)
  • Coordination, organisation and documentation of telephone conferences and meetings
  • Legal advice (in collaboration with our trusted subcontractors):

  • Generation of contractual agreements within consortia and with other interested parties (i.e. legal form, letter of access)
  • Fiscal support according to respective legal form
  • Securing formal requirements under the Biocidal Products Directive and the future Biocidal Products Regulation