Industrial Chemicals – REACH | Services

Consortium and SIEF management

EBRC is experienced in managing interest groups within the REACH registration process. This covers management of REACH consortia as well as SIEF formations. Our service includes scientific, administrative and legal support of founding members as well as acquisition of potentially new members.
We have successfully registered more than 60 substances under REACH by now and continue for registration 2013 and 2018.

Scientific support for REACH-Registration:

  • Substance sameness survey
  • Preparation of complete technical dossier (see details here)
  • Study requirements (physic-chemical, toxicological, human health, environmental)
  • Coordination and monitoring of studies
  • Submission of dossier to ECHA
  • Preparation of safety data sheet and CLP
  • Updating of submitted dossiers

Administrative support of interest groups:

  • Centralised communication within a consortium/ SIEF
  • Coordination of data sharing
  • Financial management of joint submission and jointly generated dossiers
  • Management of letters of access (communication with interested parties, distribution of documents, tracing of payments, etc.)
  • Coordination, organisation and documentation of telephone conferences and meetings

Legal advice (in collaboration with our trusted subcontractors):

  • Generation of contractual agreements within consortia and with other interested parties (i.e. legal form, letter of access)
  • Fiscal support according to respective legal form
  • Securing formal requirements under REACH regulation